Where the House of Lines Meets the House of Dreams DAY ONE

Where the House of Lines Meets the House of Dreams
@ Unit 4

Here is a glimipse of the space, on the first day. The process of throwing the tape over the beams and leaving the tape in whatever way it lands, seemed an instictive way to bring my studio practice to the space. This attempt at finding ways to remove myself away from the decision making process in how work looks aesthetically, feels like a turning point in my practice. I am still fascinated by the concept of ‘arranging’ and how do one decides what goes where, but found that in my own work this perhaps restricted me – as with all process’s I needed to go through that bit to get to where Ive arrived (if that makes sense?). Within the studio I recently found it liberating when I began to experiment in ways to lose the control, such as throwing work together and stitching together a carrier bag of someone else’s fabrics they were throwing out. I can best descibe this as an honest way of working for me, especially when working in a space such as this empty unit, which sets out something for me to respond to. I plan to seek out more spaces that offer this stimulus – get in touch if you know of anywhere! :)

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