Simple Processes – Tony Cragg Writings

Tony Cragg
Ecritis Writings (81- 92)
” Simple processes. With materials nobody else wants. Ideas that interest me. Images that interest me. Made where people let me make them. The rooms, the walls, the floors. The physical framework. Emotional responses. Intellectual responses. Elegant works. Humorous works. Beautiful works. Decorative works. Ugly works. Works in which I learnt from the materials. Works like pictures. Meanings I intended. Meanings that suprised me. Personal references. Cultural references. No references.”

First published in Tony Cragg, Van derHeydt Museum, Wuppertal, 1981

I photocopied these writings many many years ago and when I had a tiny bit of a clear out recently they leapt out again ready to be attached to my pinboard, added to this blog as it seems particularly relavant to the work I am doing at Unit 4. During the Where the House of Lines meets the House of Dreams residency I have worked in a way that I want to refer to as honest, I have used simple processes to once remove myself from the hands on aesthetic decisions (that previously restricted me) and began to explore new methods such as throwing and kicking materials around in the space.

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