Mermaid’s Hair?

Tape thrown over the beams

As I read through all the comments/notes I made based on conversations and reactions I witnessed at the residency space, ‘Where the House of Lines meets the House of Dreams’, I am fascinated by the children’s reaction to the space, during the closing down event. They refelcted on the space as ‘very funny’, a ‘special shop filled with wonderful things’ and asked me if I lived in the space! It’s fascinating that their reaction is almost opposite to that of adults. However, the adults that were present during the closing down event couldn’t help but be influenced by the children’s actions – which I can best descibe as completely transformational. changing the space again but within a matter of minutes! Zach commented that he ‘loved pulling the tape down’ and that is was his ‘best day ever!’. I am so pleased that families visited the closing down event; it seemed so fitting that those who already know me from my work at the Mead Gallery and Coventry Artspace, joined in the final act of closing down the space – something symbolic of my practice reflecting everything I do, as opposed to seperating practice from particpatory work.
This time based experience/action/re-action is something I will be investigating further.

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