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Marks to Music Family Event at the Mead Gallery 21st January 2012

Monday, February 27th, 2012


I have worked closely with the Mead Gallery as resident artist since 2007, leading the family art event programme to compliment and interpret the exhibition programme.  From Saturday 14th January to Saturday 10th March the exhibition is The Indiscipline of Painting International Abstraction from the 1960’s to now, a collaborative project between the Mead Gallery and Tate St Ives.

The first family event Marks to Music was a huge success. After an inspiring visit to the exhibition the children were keen to start painting – the group turned out to be a lively bunch, which worked well! Their energy translated into vibrant busy pictures, triggered by a variety of music which included Cirque de Soleil and jumpy tunes like ‘Sugar Sugar’.  The children were filling up A3 white paper fairly quickly resulting in every surface, including the floor becoming a drying area.  The once empty room from an hour before had been transformed into a busy artist’s studio whereby mini artist took ownership and created a flurry of excitement.

The Mead Gallery have a Facebook page, where you can see all of the photos from the event:

If you have not visited the exhibition yet, there’s still time, the exhibition finishes March 10th. more information about the exhibition and other events can be found here:

It’s been a while…

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Well it has been a while since I last used the blog, admittedly.   I’m still keeping busy as ever but wasn’t sure how the blog fits into my practice (well still not sure).  With the over saturation of daily rhetorical snippets of information online, I don’t want the blog to be a self indulgent exercise.   So onwards and upwards, I’m going to have a go at discovering what value this blog has, despite having tons and tons of junk blogs in the back room area :)