About Me

Personal Statement
Nadia is visual artist who specialises is arts education and creative facilitation.  Since graduation in Art & Craft BA, with a first class honours in 2003, Nadia has worked continually within the arts for five years, in different capacities.  She works for Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum on a P/T basis as the Events Officer, she works freelance within participatory arts, she works closely with Coventry Artspace and develops her own practice at her studio there.

Within Nadia’s art practice, she explores contemporary visual culture.  She explores the meaning of the ‘found’ object, in particular detritus.  She shares the belief that we can be defined by what we throw away.  Everything from the symbolism in packaging, to the narrative from a lost glove or shopping list, has meaning.  Nadia explores ideas about hierarchal systems within the art world.  She believes that art is everywhere for everyone and thus chooses to work in site specific locations where she can engage with everyday people, to find out their responses to her work and raise questions about ‘what makes a successful artist or who decides?’

Nadia aims to share her enthusiasm for the inherent qualities in everyday materials, and the opportunity for creativity and thought. Through her ongoing relationship with Coventry Indoor Market, she has created a body of work that operate on a number of levels, from being attracted to the bright fluorescent colours,  or wanting to touch the tactile objects through to questioning their function and whether they are art or not.

Nadia has worked with a variety of people, as a facilitator.  She sees herself as a catalyst and encourages creativity in others.  In particular, Nadia works with children and their parents/guardians, in schools, community settings and in gallery settings.