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Overjoyed and Overwhelmed

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Hill Farm Year 3 Journals

As we evaluate the projects at Hill Farm Primary School, last academic year, I always knew the sheer amount of qualitive information we had collected from the children would be a challenge to disseminate. When sharing conclusions with Creative Agent Philippa Cross from Cre8us, she soon identified how attached I was to each drawing the children had done to describe their journey, for example. Learning how to communicate an overview when one is fascinated by all the wonderful details, is an area I am going to build on. To be overwhelmed is not something I would consider to be a negatitve, indeed learning creatively can often lead to surprising outcomes and can steer new directions. In addition to this, as was the case with Hill Farm, the sense of delving into new terrritory, for me and for them, had no or little comparable measure.

As creative thinkers do, I will now embrace the feedback and work through ideas and analyse ways to evaluate throughout projects, in collaboration with partners. Thanks to Philippa for sharing the idea of working with teachers to track a selection of children, as a tool to track the journey of individuals as representative’s of their peers.

Catalyst for Creativity

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

I see myself as a catalyst for creativity, enabling others to discover their own individuality. At Hill Farm Primary, in the last academic year I worked with Year 3 on their Pictures, Paintings and Photographs topic. We spent time learning about artist’s techniques & concepts and then took time to design and create their own works of art – portraits. We looked at symbolism and spoke about surrealism. Here is what one boy wrote down, with reference to his ideas after he spoke to me – in the form of a mind map (how impressive!, Click on it to see the text)

Hill Farm Art Auction 2010

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Hill Farm Stall at Coventry Market

Working with Year 3 at Hill Farm Primary School, I was invited to share with the children, some of the mysteries behind how artist’s create images and their thinking, in addition to encouraging the children to discover their own capacity to create outstanding paintings, as an expression of their own individual thought processes. In collaboration with some of the finest teachers and the Cre8us programme, we worked together to finish the project on the ultimate high with a showcase at the Herbert Art Gallery followed by an Art Auction at Coventry Market. The children took ownership, from the start and designed their own posters, invites, ‘press boxes’ and chose Barnardos, as a charity they wanted to support. We all had the most amazing day and had so much fun as we witnessed the portraits being sold to parents,teachers and the general public – I have four which on display in my hall. I am so very pleased that £1200 was raised for Barnardo’s! There was a real buzz in the air, a truly memorable project – Thank you to everyone who was involved!

My Journey with Hill Farm Primary School, Coventry

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

What is the recipe for creativity?

Through the Cre8us programme, I have been working with Hill Farm Primary School in Coventry on a variety of projects. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the staff, the children and working in collaboration together. It has been a priveledge to be in a place where children are valued, listened to and are given opportunities to shape their own learning.